Enfin, après deux belles années de travail, nous terminons notre jeu intitulé:

" The Creative European Action Game"

Voici les règles du jeu en anglais:









HI There, I’m France, I’m assuming that since you opened this box that you’re in the mood to play a game. Well, you’re in luck because I have a game for you, it’s a game about some fine European countries.




Contents : 210 cards, angel/devil cards, a board, countries grids,  7 pawns a dice.



Object : the object of the game is to complete at least one country grid with cards (country/activity themes)


The team who completes the most parts of the grid wins….



Setup : Give each team a grid. Separate the cards into 14 decks   ( yes !) + a devil/angel desk.   Shuffle and put desks faces down around the board, or where ever you can, next to the board.     Choose a pawn( if you have the French grid, take the cinema pawn, Belgium take the fries, Austria, the ball……)


Let’s play !


When all players are ready, the youngest player throws the dice, counts the number of spaces and put his pawn on the space.  He takes the card matching the space and does the challenge…

If you realize it, you put your card on the grid

and so on…….

The team  on the left of the first player plays next.




Be careful to the angel/devil cards….. L L L




Enjoy J






le plateau

Cartes activités et Pions

Grilles à compléter

Quelques accessoires

DVD avec questions et réponses

We played the game!