La gastronomie est le thème choisi par la Belgique

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Septembre 2014

Un livret avec recette de crêpe  réalisé pour le voyage en Belgique.

Nous commençons à travailler sur le Rap.

Le travail sur le plateau de jeu, les cartes activités et pions prend forme!


Crêpes (sort of French thin pancake) are a very common food in France and are not only easy to make but can be served any way you want. This allows the whole family to eat exactly the crêpes that they want…



La Chandeleur (on Feb 2nd), is a French tradition where most French households will eat crepes at dinner time. This tradition finds its origins in an old Roman ritual of harvest & fertility. The crêpe is round and golden, reminding us of the sun to come, whose warmth will make the harvest possible…

The Ingredients


   4 eggs

   2 cups flour

   2 ¼ cups of milk

   2 tablespoons of melted butter

   pinch of salt


Making the batter (“la pâte à crêpes”)

Put all the ingredients except the butter in a large bowl and using a hand mixer, mix everything until smooth. The consistency of the batter should be like that of a thick syrup. Ideally, you should let the batter rest for 30 minutes or so but if you are in a hurry or if it’s sunday morning and the whole family is starving, then it’s ok to start them right away.

This is the perfect recipe to make with your students !!

Your pan has to be a non-stick pan, don’t even bother with any other kind. You’ll also need to turn on you oven to the lowest setting and get a flat heat resistant plate or pan with a clean kitchen towel ready. Last but not least, you’ll need:

   a ladle (“une louche”) or a large measuring spoon

   some melted butter in a small container

   either a brush (“un pinceau”) or a fork tightly wrapped with some kitchen paper


The cooking

 Put the pan on a medium heat.

Brush your pan with a little bit of the melted butter (you’ll only need to do this once every 5-6 crêpes depending on your pan)

Using the ladle, pour enough batter into your pan while turning your wrist so that the batter flows & covers the whole surface of the pan. Take care to not making it too thick, these are not pancakes!.

Once the edges of the batter start lifting and the crêpe does not stick to the pan anymore, it’s probably time to flip it.

Just slide a spatula under the crêpes, lift and in one swoop motion, turn the crêpe ,

Let the crêpe cook for a minute more, then slide it to your warm plate/pan.

Cover it with the kitchen towel and put the pan back in the oven to keep the crêpes warm .

It’s done !

Enjoy and bon appetit !!